Alderprufe Ultra VOCM membrane at Aldi Cardiff

Specialist Installer Solutek Environmental Ltd has started to install Alderprufe Ultra VOCM membrane on a new Aldi Store at Cardiff., to protect against methane & carbon dioxide, but also against the hydrocarbon contamination in the ground.

We made column cloaks in our factory to suit the steel stanchions - this cuts down installation time at site, while ensuring a perfect fit. Solutek will be welding all the overlaps in the Alderprufe Utra VOCM - the use of factory-formed cloaks means they can also weld the cloaks to the main membrane.

We'll also make Ultra VOCM pipe collars for them.

You'll find full information on Alderprufe Ultra VOCM  and all our other gas protection products in the Gas Barrier & Ventilation section of this website